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An About Us Post

Discovering the world, one journey at a time – that’s the rallying cry of Discovery Travel, a beacon for wanderlust souls seeking adventures both near and far. Established in 2013, Discovery Travel has carved its

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10 Reasons to Enlist the Help of a Professional for Your Group Trips

Have you attempted to plan your Meeting, Incentive, or Conference group trip on your own?   Using a travel advisor to plan a group trip can offer several advantages, making the overall experience smoother and more

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Unforgettable Adventures: Group Travel to Mexico and the Caribbean

Traveling is a transformative experience that becomes even more rewarding when shared with a group of like-minded individuals. Picture yourself basking in the sun on pristine beaches, exploring ancient ruins, indulging in vibrant cultures, and

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Our Duties

Over the last several weeks the world has been put to the test. No industry has been left untouched. Orders and guidelines have been put in place and altered as new data became available. The

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How Does Using A Travel Agent Work?

Even if it’s not asked as a question, the statement “I have never worked with a travel agent before” still seeks an answer and I hope to answer it the best I can. Let me

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Our Villages

It takes a village to raise a child is a proverb that we’ve all heard. It means that it takes an entire community to interact with a child so they can experience and grow in

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Take The Vacation!

I recently read a story that brought this to mind. The story was based on what a grieving widower told a couple at a funeral. Please don’t wait that long. I’ve used this quote as

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California Trip- Part 2

Before leaving the area Thursday morning we were fortunate to be able to meet and catch up with a good friend. After a short visit, we hit the road. The trip from the Bay area

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California Trip- part 1

Other than USMC boot camp and layovers, I’ve never spent much time in California. We have been promising my cousin for years that we would come out to visit her in the Bay Area. This

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