"Travel not to escape life, but so that life does not excape you"

We make sure life does not escape you!

Tim the travel agent extraordinaire!

Where do I begin. First trip was a group cruise where I literally just showed up. My son and I had never traveled out of the country before and this was also our first "group" trip. When I say we literally showed up. That's. What we did. Tim had everything in a folder labeled for each destination what we were doing where we were going and all of our transfers to and from all of our destinations. Second trip is another group cruise planned for April 2016. We hosted a cruise night. He came explained everything in detail and even had brochures and all of our pricing already done . Amazing. Third trip currently being planned for June 2016 is my destination wedding. There isn't enough space for me to write about all that he had done and all the time gone into planning that. Tim thinks of everything before you can ask he's handing you the paper or the reservation number. I have never felt so prepared to travel. Cannot wait to see what 2017 trips I can get him to start planning!!!!!! 

Best trip ever!!

Kim was wonderful!! She provided us with a ton of different vacation packages to choose from, all nice places. She was thorough with the booking details and explained everything perfectly! There were no surprises for us to deal with. She even checked us in with our airline for our return flight. She texted us prior to departure to let us know that our flights were on time and she called us after our trip to make sure we were satisfied. I will definitely book through Kim for our future vacations.

Mexico Part 2!

"Tim is great to work with. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure your vacation is exactly how you dream it to be. Highly recommend."

Awesome family cruise planning!!!!

What can I say other then Tim is an amazing resource for all things travel. This is our second cruise he has helped us with. There are absolutely no dumb questions. And we had some good ones since we were trying a new cruise line. He's always quick to get an answer if he doesn't know something. I also felt like i made a million small payments. He never complained or sounded bothered by my weekly phone calls. I appreciated that greatly. We appreciate all his knowledge and look forward to using him again!!!


This was only my 2nd cruise and Kim took care of everything for me!!!
I had no worries or problems and that made the vacation perfect. She was with me every step of the way making sure all was well. SO grateful!!

Great girls trip!

Friendly, efficient, on top of things at all times.

Out of the U.S and Tim saved our trip!

Tim not only gave some great tips on St.Lucia he saved us and came through on helping us out with a travel problem. When you leave the country it's great to have a agent like Tim on your side. A++

Fantastic Trip in Paradise!

We were new international travelers and had some concerns and felt overwhelmed prior to working with Tim with the number of resorts and options available. Tim was patient and honest and helped us find a great resort where our family had an amazing time. We look forward to working with Tim for a repeat trip next year.

A very adventurous trip.

Mrs. Kimberly Brooks was a great agent to work with. She was kind, patience, and very caring. Mrs. Brooks made sure I was well prepared for my trip. She was with me from the beginning, the middle and the very end. In my mind I have started planning my next trip with her leading the planning. Thank you Mrs. Brooks.

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